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2022-2023     7SSC March agenda (1).pdf
                        6SSC February Minutes.pdf

EmergencySSC Agenda (Dec. 22-23) Eng-Span.pdf
6SSC February Agenda 2023.pdf
5SSC January 22-23 Minutes (Eng.).pdf

5SSC January.pdf
4SSC December Minutes.pdf

22-23 1SSC Minutes Eng.&Span..pdf
                         2SSC Agenda Oct. 2022 Eng-Span.pdf

3SSC Minutes.pdf
4SSC Agenda (Dec. 22-23) Eng-Span.pdf
School-Parent Compact.pdf   
School-Parent Engagement.pdf       

                         6ELAC agenda (March 2023 English-Spanish).pdf
                        5ELAC February 2023 Minutes (English-Spanish).pdf

4ELAC January Minutes.pdf
5ELAC agenda (February 2023 English-Spanish).pdf

4ELAC January.pdf
3ELAC December 2022 Minutes (English-Spanish).pdf

7ELAC Minutes (March Eng &Span) (1).pdf
                     1ELAC Agenda Sept_Oct Eng-Span .pdf

                     2ELAC November 2022 Minutes (English-Spanish).pdf
                      3ELAC agenda (November 2022 English-Spanish).pdf

2021-2022: 1ELAC Agenda (Aug. 21-22) Eng-Span.pdf
                     6ELAC minutes.pdf
                     Spanish copy 6ELAC.pdf

                     1ELAC Minutes September 2021 [English-  Spanish].pdf
                     2ELAC agenda (October 2021 English-Spanish).pdf
                     2ELAC October 2021 Minutes (English-Spanish).pdf

     3ELAC agenda (November 2021 English-Spanish).pdf  
                     3ELAC November 2021 Minutes (English-Spanish).pdf

                      4ELAC agenda (December 2021 English-Spanish).pdf
                      _4ELAC December 2021 Minutes (English-Spanish).pdf

                       5ELAC agenda (January 2021 English-Spanish).pdf
                       5ELAC February 2022 Minutes pdf (English-Spanish).pdf

                       6ELAC agenda (March 2022 pdf English-Spanish).pdf
                      6ELAC Minutes(March Eng_Span).pdf

                      7ELAC agenda (March 2022 English-Spanish).pdf

2021-2022:  0.1SSC Minutes (1).pdf

      1.SSC Agenda (Aug. 21-22) Eng-Span.pdf
      1SSC Minutes (September English-Spanish).pdf

      SSC Agenda (October 21-22) Eng-Span.pdf
      3SSC Minutes (October 21-22).pdf

      CSSP Agenda.pdf

                      4SSC Agenda Nov. 20-21 Eng-Span.pdf
                     4ssc November minutes.pdf
                     5SSC Agenda (Dec. 21-22) Eng-Span.docx
     Engagement and compact.pdf
                     5SSC 12_2_20.pdf

                     6SSC agenda.pdf
                     6SSC Minutes (Feb. 21-22)pdf.pdf

                     7SSC Agenda (March. 21-22)pdf Eng-Span.pdf
                     7SSC (March Minutes Eng_Span).pdf
                     8SSC Agenda (April Eng_Span).pdf
                     8SSC April Eng_Spanish.pdf

                     9SSC Agenda (May 3 Eng_Span).pdf


April SSC flier.pdf

April ELAC flier.pdf

ELAC Agenda 4_21_21.pdf

8SSC Agenda April 2021.pdf

ELAC Minutes 1_21_21.pdf

7SSC Agenda For February 24.pdf

February SSC flier.pdf

7SSC Agenda For February 24.pdf

Translated copy of January SSC Minutes.pdf

6SSC Agenda (Jan. 20-21) Eng-Span.pdf

5SSC 12_2_20.pdf

5ELAC-January 2021 ELAC Agenda Eng-Span 2020 (1).pdf

4ELAC NovemberMinutes .pdf

DECEMBER Tech Support_Distro.png

5SSC Agenda 12-2.pdf

4SSC Minutes 11-19-20.pdf

4SSCAgenda November.pdf

3.5 SSC Minutes November.pdf

November Agenda 4ELAC Eng-Span 2020.pdf

ELAC October Minutes copy.pdf

3.5SSC Agenda Nov Eng-Span (1).pdf

District No School_ Thanksgiving Break.pdf

Parent Assessment Letter.pdfOct.pdf

Parent Assessment letter (Spanish).pdf

SSC October Agenda.pdf

ELAC-October Agenda.pdf
20_21 Ballot Flyer.pdf

ELAC parent nom 2.pdf

ELAC parent nom Spanish 2.pdf

NPE Parent Letter for Beginning of the Year 2020-21.pdf

North Park Guide to Success in Distance Learning.pdf

NPE distance learning FAQ.pdf

NPE distance learning FAQ- Spanish.pdf

Parents and schools need to work together for the betterment of the students. Parents play an important role in providing support and building the confidence of their children. Parents should check some of the tips or activities they can use to develop their children’s confidence and improve their school experience.

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